Forrest Brizendine 

My name is Forrest Brizendine owner and head guide of Nor Cal River Driftin'. My love for fishing and the outdoors is why I chose to be your guide.

I am hard working, knowledgeable, and passionate about what I do. Being born and raised in Northern California, my father exposed me to the beautiful, and abundant waterways around here. Along with all that the sport of fishing has to offer - I've been hooked ever since. After over 20 years of fishing these local waters, I pride myself in the various fly fishing styles I have acquired. I am an avid fly tier and enjoy creating new and innovative patterns that prove to work effectively. I offer lessons for the first time angler and precise guidance for even the most experienced fisherman. 

I have the ability and the know how to meet, and then exceed your fly fishing needs and expectations. I strive to provide my clients with a truly memorable fishing experience each and everyday. Come and see for yourself what Northern California fishing is all about.